HIV Counseling & Testing is a key component of our program, serving as an early intervention strategy for reducing primary and secondary HIV infections.  Our test counselors use the Alere Determine Rapid HIV-1/2 Antigen/Antibody Combo Test, a highly effective, quick, and easily administered test.  Results are available in 20 minutes, and can be given anonymously or confidentially.  Our testing service is always free, but donations are always welcome.

The program is able to access translation services for many different languages; however, the HIV program itself is able to speak English, Spanish and Vietnamese.

Community Outreach brings essential information directly to people who are at risk or high-risk for HIV.  The program strives to maintain a close relationship with the community, and we do that by being present at community health fairs, night clubs, bathhouses, college/university events, and other places in the community where at-risk or high-risk people may gather.

Education Sessions are aimed at providing information about safer sex and HIV, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their sexual behavior by examining the contexts in which risk may occur, and to take care of their health and well-being.

Individual/Online Counseling is available for those who want a more personalized session of HIV education or would like to address some personal concerns they have about HIV infection.  Counseling is also available online through the social networking apps, Grindr and Jack’d. Feel free to reach out to our counselors on these apps or make an appointment for in-person counseling.

Information and Advocacy aims to raise awareness and give voice to HIV/AIDS-related issues like stigma and discrimination through participation in Santa Clara’s Community Planning Group, Santa Clara County API HIV/AIDS Collaborative, and other coalition-building bodies.